The strip was inspired by the not-so-happily-ended relationship between Preity Zinta, a Bollywood actress and Ness Wadi a, a businessman and an industrialist.

The two had been in a relationship for five years and made a photogenic couple during the time.During the same period they became stake holders on the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchisee-Kings XI Punjab (KXIP). As the IPL grew from season 1 to 7…Preity and Ness grew apart to the point that the couple had a split.It was widely speculated that Preity Zinta would exit the franchisee as with an ‘ex’ on the board it would be difficult to continue. But on the contrary the arrangement did last and seemed to have been working well with KXIP finally striking it big in IPL 7.

And then came the news of Preity filing in a police complaint against Ness and alleging molestation by him!!!

The complaint mentioned that Ness publicly abused and attempted to hurt Preity during a match at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium on the 30th of May 2014 and that he even threatened to ‘make her disappear as she was a nobody’!!!! The incident evoked tremendous media attention ย as Preity and Ness were considered to have had a graceful break up and obviously..barring politics.. celebrity news sells more than the state of the economy or farmers ๐Ÿ™‚

The strip has captured the incident well..With a shocked Preity being depicted by a caricature with uncanny resemblance to her and especially her attire during the IPL. She is shown being spoken to by a man with a ย threatening demeanour pointing a finger…the caricature resembling Ness Wadia. The two are being shown to be separated by the Amul Girl. …who is shown even attempting to make the quarrelling couple patch up…symbolising the wish of millions following the event and the couple’s romantic past.

The Tag Line..A Preity-Nessy Affair? is a play on the names of the protagonists and brings out the sordid and ‘messy’ end to the ‘affair’between the two.The question mark in the end shows that the truth is yet to be established in the matter.

The Punch Line….No Fighting Over It….by subtly comparing the dispute between the protagoniats the strip establishes the undisputed status of the Amul line of products.

The subject of the strip was interesting as it had to compete with the just ‘kicked off’ FIFA World Cup in Brazil!!!

The present situation is that the police is investigating the matter, Ness Wadia’s father Nusli Wadia has received gangland threats over the issue from Australia (??) and Preity Zinta has returned from her trip abroad to record her statement. Both the protagonists of the strip have recorded their statements with the police.

Ness has submitted a list of nine witnesses to counter the claims of Preity Zinta and has even levelled his own set of charges against Preity! Good advert for the beleaguered male fighting back the evil intent of an estranged beau!

The social media is vertically split between Pretty-Ness and a tug-o -war is on in the right earnest.

Meanwhile somewhere in Australia -a “no one (n) messes with the Zinta” -mob is actively seeking out the cell numbers of the nine witnesses offered to be guillotined by Ness Wadia. Easier would have been to make a follow up call to daddy Nusli and ask for the numbers on Whatsapp! I read somewhere that the police was trying to find out how the Wadia family cell numbers reached Australia…no clues yet..so my advise to the ‘chosen nine’ to switch to a pigeon based communication system as the best bet against the imminent ‘deep throated call’ from Down Under!

Watch this space as there will definitely be another Amul strip on the ‘Preity-Nessy Affair’ ๐Ÿ˜Ž

23 thoughts on “A PREITY-NESSY AFFAIR?”

  1. It’s messy….but life of nessy would truly be messy if under world is actually backing preity.
    And holding is hands molesting…huh.
    In India hand holding of a attention seeking, workless, 40 yr old actress elicits more media response than Badaun or muzafarnagar.


  2. Even though this incident seems to have taken a back seat for the media, I just see it becoming messier in future! You’ve captured the incident really well. On a different note,after collecting those strips everyday since God knows when you have finally started this! Really like the wit and humor you have got into our lives since I was a little kid, being penned down in the most entertaining manner in this blog. I am sure little Ayenesh will love this when he is old enough to appreciate this gift! Keep it up!


  3. A story well told in a manner which really brings out the nice mix of ur literary genius and witty sense of humour which most of us have experienced over the years….good job bro….keep them coming


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