Anshuman Vivek

Bio: Gregarious and extrovert. I believe in reaching out and embracing life. I find it easy to deal with life with a tad bit of humour spread unevenly. I also think that as a human being it's important that we develop the ability to think about and through situations. I am a a history aficionado and that is demonstrated in my propensity for reading history or period work ,numismatics, philately and collecting news papers heralding cataclysmic or iconic events of the world. I am an outdoor person and my idea of rejuvenation is a trek on an "off piste" route all by myself. And also to run long distance. I have many dreams and no fears. Lastly..my tag line.. I can't die. .it will ruin my image😎😎😎😎😎

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As a young boy I was fortunate to have my father tell me about the history of the world and about the events as they unfolded.This was based on what I would glean out of conversations,news papers and the dear ol' 9pm news on Doordarshan. Today I have a Son, Ayenesh,And I too want to be able to tell him about his queries especially about the times he grew up in. And my endeavour is being aided by the 'Amul Ad Campaign'. The topical issues covered in those innocuous cartoons are precious nuggets of history being created,while I am living through those events today! So,Ayenesh,this is for you my son.I don't want you to miss out on the events while you were busy growing up.I shall narrate to you what the ad portrays as and when it is featured. I have compiled my musings on the ads from 2012 onwards and here I intend to record my observations for the ones being featured now as well as attempt to hive the ones already reflected upon by way of careful jottings on the subject.Eventually when you grow up, you will have this Blog to fall back upon for your own private treasure trove of history, the basis for which would be the ads of a company which has butter as it's marquee product ! Wish you a wonderful life ahead and happy reading too. The views stated in the posts are my own and are based on the various articles posted on the internet and in no way represent the views or official line of the ad company or the Amul product line. The blog pictures are courtsey the official Amul Twitter account.

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